Sunday, June 17, 2012

Energy Strategies

Energy Mapping

Understanding where you invest your energy can be key to developing effective strategies to create the life you want. The energy consultant works with you to create an energy map of your core values, how they relate to the significant aspects of your life, and where you invest your energy. This “big picture” gives insight and provides a basis for decision making. Setting priorities, developing strategies and taking action to create what you want are natural outgrowths of energy mapping.


Mentoring honors your life experience and wisdom. It can jumpstart learning, validate experience and provide additional support to implement your energy strategies. The energy consultant works with you to enhance your ability to recognize strengths, identify areas of opportunity, implement strategies to address opportunities, and develop additional skills to manage your energy. Mentoring can be done individually or through Mentor Groups.

Mentor Groups

Mentor Groups are 2 or more people that want to benefit from the wisdom, creativity and experience of like minded individuals. The energy consultant acts as a facilitator within the group to assist in setting the intention, holding the attention, and identifying appropriate action. Mentor Groups can be formed with members of your choosing or you can join one that is open to all.

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