Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Managing Stress

Everyone talks about stress and the need to manage it. But few of us are taught how stress works, how ongoing stress becomes habitual and how to deal with it. 

Develop a basic understanding of stress and learn simple energy skills to manage it. 

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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Family and Civil Mediation

Dealing with conflict can be difficult and challenging. Energy in conflict situations is often spent in reliving the past, finding fault or finding evidence to support one side of the conflict. Energy focused on the past takes away from energy to move forward to resolving conflict and creating the future.
This can be seen in family disputes such as separation, divorce, child custody and elder arrangements where family members get stuck in their side of the conflict and become adversarial.
In civil disputes such as healthcare disputes, disputes between neighbors, landlord and tenant, and employer and employee communication may turn hostile making it difficult to resolve the conflict and relate to one another after the incident is resolved.
Unfortunately, when energy gets stuck, many believe that court is the only means to resolve these disputes. Going to court can be costly, time consuming and inconvenient. It may also result in a judgment handed down by the court with little input on options or terms of the resolution.
Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) that assists parties to navigate successfully through conflict outside the courtroom. It is a confidential, non-adversarial approach to keep the energy flowing constructively.
With mediation, parties have the freedom to design an agreement that is mutually beneficial and takes into account their specific interests. The mediator works as a neutral between parties to facilitate the process of resolution and document the terms of agreement.
Parties using mediation as a conflict resolution strategy often establish better communication and are more likely to cooperate after the agreement is reached.

Organizational Consulting


Training, facilitation and mentoring services to spark, focus and manage collective energy are available in the areas of:
  • Intention (visioning, values definition, strategic direction)
  • Attention (strategy development, planning, priority setting)
  • Action (tactical planning, implementation planning, evaluation, business analysis, process improvement)

Mentoring is available to individuals or through mentor groups.

Mentor Groups are 2 or more people that want to benefit from the wisdom, creativity and experience of like minded individuals. The energy consultant acts as a facilitator within the group to assist in setting the intention, holding the attention, and identifying appropriate action. Mentor Groups can be formed with members of your choosing or you can join one that is open to all.

Hospital/Surgery Doula

Energy work has many benefits for surgery or hospitalization. Energy work(pdf) has been shown to reduce stress, anxiety, and the need for pain medication. In research done on coronary bypass surgery, the hospital stay was reduced by a day for those patients receiving energy work.

An energy healing practitioner acts as a type of “energy doula" for the patient undergoing hospitalization or surgery. Doula generally refers to someone who supports a woman during childbirth. An energy doula would be an energy healing practitioner who provides energetic support on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels to promote healing during a significant life event such as surgery or hospitalization.

Prior to the hospital stay or surgery, the energy doula assists the patient in developing an energy healing plan. The healing plan focuses on the energetic needs of the patient and is integrated with the medical plan of care. If necessary, the energy doula would assist in talking with the doctor and care team prior to the day of admission to ensure that the staff is prepared and supportive of the healing plan. The healing plan includes preparation for the hospital stay, energy work during and energy work after discharge.

From my own experience with major surgery, having my own energy doula gave me a sense of control and responsibility for my own healing process.

My healing plan for surgery included energy work sessions, and visualization before surgery. I also prepared a CD of relaxing music to be played in the operating room during surgery. My energy doula was in the operating room during the surgery and did energy work during and immediately after the surgery. After the surgery, I had a number of energy work sessions to speed my recovery.

I personally felt that my healing process was accelerated and enhanced as result of the energy healing plan. I heard confirmation of that a year later when I overheard my doctor tell her staff that she remembered me because of my speedy recovery and leaving the hospital ahead of schedule.

Energy Work

Wellbeing is a balance of body, mind, emotions, and spirit. Imbalance in any of these areas can eventually lead to dis-ease and prevent you from living your highest potential.

Wellbeing is reflected in your personal energy field. Your reactions to life events including thoughts, feelings and actions affect your energy. Life events can cause disruptions in the energy field which eventually come out as physical symptoms.

Energy work is a type of complementary or integrative care that is done directly on the energy field of the individual to restore balance.

Energy work is often done along with with traditional medicine to promote healing. Research(pdf) has proven that energy work can reduce stress, anxiety and time required for healing. Major medical centers are now offering energy work as part of their integrative care services.

Energy Work sessions are generally an hour in length. The energy healing practitioner does a short consultation to assess your energy and then uses energy techniques to balance flows, clear blocks, restructure, and fill the energy field where necessary. Energy techniques may require you to lie fully clothed on a massage table to enable the practitioner to touch energy centers on the body.

In the first energy work session, the consultation takes longer and explores areas that influence your wellbeing including your health history, life stressors, belief systems and attitudes, family and childhood history, patterns of self-care, your connection to spirituality and how you are in relationships

Energy Strategies

Energy Mapping

Understanding where you invest your energy can be key to developing effective strategies to create the life you want. The energy consultant works with you to create an energy map of your core values, how they relate to the significant aspects of your life, and where you invest your energy. This “big picture” gives insight and provides a basis for decision making. Setting priorities, developing strategies and taking action to create what you want are natural outgrowths of energy mapping.


Mentoring honors your life experience and wisdom. It can jumpstart learning, validate experience and provide additional support to implement your energy strategies. The energy consultant works with you to enhance your ability to recognize strengths, identify areas of opportunity, implement strategies to address opportunities, and develop additional skills to manage your energy. Mentoring can be done individually or through Mentor Groups.

Mentor Groups

Mentor Groups are 2 or more people that want to benefit from the wisdom, creativity and experience of like minded individuals. The energy consultant acts as a facilitator within the group to assist in setting the intention, holding the attention, and identifying appropriate action. Mentor Groups can be formed with members of your choosing or you can join one that is open to all.

The Power of OOPS©

In any moment, you are directing energy and reacting to the energy that is directed at you.

OOPS moments are those moments when you realize you made a mistake or did not get the result you wanted. 

These OOPS moments are golden opportunities to learn about how you directed and reacted to energy that was directed at you. 

Using “OOPS” moments to learn about your energy enables you to make different choices to avoid or better manage similar moments in the future.

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