Organizational Services

Organizational Services focus on leveraging collective energy to create results. Understanding collective energy and how to manage it provide a foundation for success. Organizational Consulting provides training, facilitation and mentoring to assist organizations in understanding collective energy and making changes to get desired results. Managing collective energy can lead to higher levels of organizational wellbeing.
Collective energy is formed when two or more individuals gather with a shared purpose. The energy and intention of the individuals and the environment in which the organization operates form the collective energy or vibration of the organization. Collective energy is managed through intention, attention and action.

Wellbeing is a reflection of the vibration of the organization. There is a strong link between organizational wellbeing and overall ability of the organization to get desired results. Wellbeing is observed through different factors including morale, and commitment, and emotional climate.

Intention sets the direction of the organization. If the intention is not expressed or is not clear, it is difficult to focus attention or action. Intention is often expressed in the forms of charters, goals, vision statements, mission statements, values, and strategic direction.

Attention focuses the energy flow of the organization. It determines what energy and how much energy will be invested. Attention must be aligned with the intention of the organization to get desired results. Attention of the organization is often expressed in the forms of strategies, plans, priorities, resource commitments and investments.

Action is energy in motion. Action must be taken to move an organization. Action that is focused and aligned with the intention of the organization results in success. Action is often expressed in the forms of activities related to tactical planning, implementation, and evaluation. Some processes that help manage action include facilitation, project management, business analysis, and process improvement such as Six Sigma or Lean.

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