Client Reviews

“Energy Management Basics would benefit everyone, regardless of their age. I think this should be taught to children as a basic life skill. Powerful learning.”

--L. Nordquist---Owner, Knollwood Consulting

“Debra's class on human energy management was both interesting and helpful. It gave me a lay-person's understanding of the energy all humans possess; how it affects our moods, physical energy, and mental abilities; and how a simple level of awareness can help us use that energy to feel better and achieve our goals. It was time and money well spent."

---T Nix---Program Manager

“I had the good fortune to attend an energy training workshop with Deb. Initially, I was not sure what to expect, but soon came to realize the potential each of us has to influence and impact the energy within us and around us. The workshop was informative and engaging. Well worth it!”

---T Simon---Director, Wellness

“I have reflected several times about your Personal Energy session this past week. I think that most people have some sense or level of chaos in their lives when they seek out this type of information. You not only give the insights and tools to move forward, but also the hope that it can be managed.”

---V Payne---Commercial Interior Consultant

"Managing Personal Energy was challenging enough to get people to think, but not so intense as to be threatening. The best indication of its value, in my opinion, was that I found myself thinking about it the next day and the days after."

---N Nye---Retired, Photographer

"I enjoyed your class and learned things, too. I think it has just the right content for people in transition as well as for people like myself who are just getting into a groove. I particularly want to comment on the positive reaction from each and every person there. You are a real pro at creating an atmosphere where people feel comfortable and emboldened after just a short time together."

---MR Harsha---Program Director

"In Debra's energy classes, I was amazed to discover how much energy I have within me, along with how to unblock it. I realized that it's not my imagination that negative people leave me feeling exhausted. I feel stronger, more positive and better able to connect with others. The class activities were often fun, sometimes challenging, always enlightening and I am grateful for this knowledge in my life."

---M Wingrove---Web Content Strategist

"Debra's deep belly laughs and down-to-earth personality are very inviting and relaxing. She has an amazing ability to help others to ground and calm, allowing them to find their own answers in their journey. Debra was able to help me to center and balance, and greatly facilitating my energy flow. If I only had one word to describe Deb, it would be AWESOME!"

---E Knutson---Configuration Manager

"I wanted to thank you for your expertise in the field of energy and for opening my eyes to the knowledge of what our personal energy is and does for us. With taking the Managing Personal Energy Class, and having an Energy Work session, I realize how important it is to be aware of my energy in my body, and how I am using it. On tracking my positives and minuses from the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, I could see where I was directing my energies and how it affected every area of my life. By asking, and choosing, I am able to pay attention to how my energies are spent in any given situation. "

---B Davidson---Owner,

Energy Strategies

"Deb helped me to refine my vision - creating and healing through textile art - and to see it in the context of my life. The natural outgrowth of this process has been rather dramatic. I have deepened my practice of accessing my Inner Artist. Importantly, it became clear which aspects of my life are in an energy-maintenance mode rather than an energy-investment mode. My life has rearranged itself around my new priorities."

---J Hovde---Healing Practitioner / Artist

"I had been a General Manager for a company for 13 years and was recently terminated. I had a one-hour telephone session with Debra, during which she helped me develop a personal Energy Map. As part of this session, she helped me identify the important facets of my life - personal, professional, spiritual, social - and discussed ways for me to devote the appropriate amounts of time and energy to these areas. She also helped me identify certain behaviors and patterns of behavior that were keeping me from conducting an effective job search. As a direct result of her help, I am happy to report that this morning I received a promising job offer! I can't thank her enough."

---W Hessling---Account Manager

"I was introduced to Debra by a colleague, who like me was laid off after many years of employment. Not ever being unemployed in my adult life turned my world upside down. Meeting Debra could not have come at a better time in my life. Her gentle and warm manner immediately puts one at ease. After completing my energy map I felt more in control of my life. I realize where my priorities should be in order to have a more balanced life. I refer to my energy map whenever I need that boost to keep me going while job hunting in this stressful time."

---C Olson

Energy Work

"Deb has been with me every step of the way from my diagnosis of appendix cancer through surgery and now chemotherapy. She has helped me deal with the physical pain as well as the emotional. We had our first meeting the week before I had what is referred to as the "mother of all surgeries." Deb was able to remotely work on me the day of my surgery and the following days. The typical hospital stay after this surgery is nine days, I was ready to go home after four. I am also part of an online community of people who have gone through the same surgery, and it is remarkable how much faster I have recovered than others in similar situations.

We always have a conversation before we start the table work. Deb is able to meet every concern I have about my treatment or emotional state with a tool or technique to deal with it. My anxiety level as a wife and parent of young children was through the roof, and now it is very manageable. I never realized how much control I have over my own healing, which is very empowering. I am beyond grateful for all that Deb has done for me.“

---Sarah T.---Wife, Mother

"Deb was present with me performing energy science techniques pre-operatively, immediately in the recovery room and for some days following two very serious and complicated operations I underwent in 2008-09.

My anxiety level was exponentially high while I waited in the surgical holding area for the first operation. Despite medications, fear and tension gripped my mind and body. The energy work Deb provided was the single causative agent that allowed me to become calm, breathe deeply and allowed my heart rate and anxiety to normalize. My family members present were also beneficiaries. Seeing me relaxed and calm permitted them to feel confident and relaxed as well.

Following each of the major operations, Deb used energy science techniques that allowed my body to relax more fully and to decrease the pain. The moment she started to work I could feel the physical shifts occurring within me. We know that tension, stress and pain all affect the healing rate and efficacy of treatments. Informed by this scientific fact, we can then conclude that energy treatments ultimately promote faster rates of recovery with less emotional turmoil to the individual and other family members and loved ones.

The type of surgery I had was supposed to require a 2-3 week hospital stay. However, I was discharged after only six days; somewhat of a record I’m told.

From a scientific perspective, energy science makes sense. From an emotional view, energy healing feels right. Either way, the outcome is better. And better is better."

---Shelli Kae Nelson, RN, BS---Cardiovascular Clinician, Fairview Southdale Hospital

"Recently my husband burned his leg with 2nd and 3rd degree burns. The Dr. scheduled a skin grafting to be done on it two weeks after the burn. My husband was not sure he wanted to go that route and wanted to take a little time to see if it would heal on its own. The Dr. explained that if the burn looked like chicken skin it was not healing, it had to look like a raw piece of beef.

Two weeks later on a Monday morning appt. with the Dr., he told my husband that it did not look at all like it was healing. That Monday afternoon we came to you and you did energy work and told my husband to mentally put a grid on his leg and to see the blood flowing through the burn and healing itself. When I changed the bandages on Wednesday the burn looked like a piece of beef, we couldn't believe it. The following week the Dr. cancelled the skin grafting and gave my husband the option to wait and see if it would continue healing.

Originally my husband was told that the healing would take at least 6 months to heal on its own. It has been 3 1/2 months since he burned himself and it now has totally healed itself. He does have a scar that will stay with him, but he was very happy that he chose to let it heal on its own. It is amazing the energy in our bodies, and what we can give ourselves if we would just pay attention to that energy.
Blessings, Deb.

---David and Bonnie Davidson---Owners,

"I have known Debra for almost 20 years, working with her both professionally and personally. Debra is a gifted healer. She has keen insight, gentle compassion and a true desire to help those in need. She stays on the current edge of new information to continually expand her range of talents. Both my husband and I have benefitted from healing sessions and workshops conducted by Deb.“

---L Nordquist---Owner, Knollwood Consulting

"Thank you for the energy work session. I really enjoyed learning about “me”. When I walked into your office, I was skeptical as to what was going to be the outcome of my hour with you. I would have never in my wildest dreams expected what I experienced. I would be put into the “I’m from Missouri, show me” category. I really thought that nothing would be any different. Boy, was I mistaken! I could feel power differences in my feet as well as other parts of my body. I learned why it is important to “feel the energy” all the way down to my feet. When we finished, I was surprised to hear you say that I should refrain from drinking alcoholic beverages. I didn’t but none the less, that sort of put things in perspective as to the “power” of feeling my power."

---R. Lewis, MBA professor

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